How to acquire artworks from a temporary exhibition



※For acquisitions outside the lottery on the temporary exhibitions, all terms except the lottery details will apply. The "Web form" is also the same one on this page.



  • Due to high demand on certain artworks and to give all customers the same chances, there will be a lottery to choose the person who can acquire each piece. It is possible to apply for more than one piece.
  • We will only count one entry per person per doll for the lottery. 
  • Applications for the lottery will be accepted at the venue. For customers who cannot come to the gallery we accept web applications on this website.
  • After the lottery on the first day, clients will be able to purchase artworks as usual, on the venue or online.

Applications on the venue

  • Fill in the application form provided by the staff from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm (noon).
  • The announcements will be made at the gallery after 12:00 pm. If the person is not at the venue for the announcement they will be contacted by the staff. Only the winner of the lottery will be contacted.

Online applications

  • Fill in the web application form at the end of this page. Please apply by 17:00 pm on the day before the start of the exhibition.
  • Only one application per person will be counted.
  • It is possible to apply for more than one artwork.
  • The winners of the lottery will be contacted by email by the second day of the exhibition.
  • Please note that only the winners will be contacted.

Payment method at the venue

  • For the winners of the lottery, we ask that the payment is made as soon as possible. 
  • The payment must be made by cash or bank transfer.
  • For bank transfers, clients will be asked to leave 10% of the price at the venue as a reservation fee and pay the remaining 90% by transfer. More details will be provided at the gallery.
  • We ask all customers to cover the transfer fees, if they apply.

Payment method for online applicants 

  • For clients that applied online and won the lottery, they will be informed about the details (price, transfer account) by email.
  • The payment must be made by bank transfer.
  • If the winner fails to make the payment by the designated date, the piece will be offered to another client.
  • We ask all customers to cover the transfer fees, if they apply.


  • Clients will be asked about the desired shipping date on the application form. For online applications, clients will be asked about shipping dates after payment.
  • Shipping of the pieces will start after the exhibition is over, for more details please contact the staff at the gallery.
  • It is not possible to take artworks home during the exhibition period.
  • The details of the shipping costs will be discussed with each client.


International customers

  • Due to special packaging needed to ship artworks overseas, some additional fees will apply for international customers (ie. packaging fees, handling fees, insurance fees, etc.). The fees may vary depending on the artwork and destination country, for more information please contact the gallery.
  • Please note that some artists do not allow for their artwork to be shipped overseas.
  • Biseika Galeria Dos will not be responsible for any damage caused during shipping. If you are worried about artwork being damaged, please contact us to inquire about insurance options.



  If you have any questions about the exhibition or exhibited works,

please contact us by using the inquiries form.

Some of our staff members do not speak English, so please write in Japanese if possible. 


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